Storyhill Fest 2021 Set List

Thursday (VIP concert at the Pavilion, with Johnny's sisters Jenny and Heidi on strings)

  1. Absaroka Air
  2. Shapeshifter
  3. Satisfied Land
  4. Background for Your Blue
  5. New song! (something about highway on the Boulder?)
  6. Seven Sisters
  7. Let the Wind Come In
  8. Bleed Your Heart of its Hurt
  9. Full Circle
  10. Steady On

Friday (festival night one, moved to Pavilion due to rain)

  1. Safe Place to Land
  2. Room in My Heart
  3. Cover Your Tracks
  4. With You Here (impromptu to say "welcome back")
  5. World Go Round
  6. Wide Jordan
  7. Venice Beach
  8. Worst Enemy (with Tom Murphy on mandolin)
  9. Seen a Light (with Tom Murphy)
  10. Town Talks (with Tom Murphy)
  11. New song! (something about ribbon of life?)
  12. Fallen
  13. Blazing Out of Sight
  14. Hard Wind
  15. White Roses (morphing into the Beatles "I'm Looking Through You" with a little help from the audience)
  16. Avalon
  17. Love Will Find You (singalong!)

Saturday (festival night two, main stage)

  1. If I Could
  2. I-90
  3. What Terrifies Me (new song! alternate title "The Devil You Raised")
  4. Cupid's Dance
  5. Old Fashioned Way
  6. Sacramento
  7. Could It Be
  8. Long Stretch of Blue (new song!)
  9. Absaroka Air (with Johnny's sisters Jenny and Heidi on strings)
  10. Shapeshifter (with Jenny and Heidi)
  11. Bleed Your Heart of its Hurt (with Jenny and Heidi)
  12. Seven Sisters (with Jenny and Heidi)
  13. Let the Wind Come In (with Jenny and Heidi)
  14. Better Angels
  15. Background to Your Blue
  16. Well of Sorrow
  17. Paradise Loss
  18. Spaces
  19. Old Sea Captain
  20. Give Up the Ghost
  21. Safe Place to Land
That's right, they did not end either of the main shows with "Steady On" as is their tradition, but they did play it at the campfire the last night per request. (The fans demand it!) They are working on recording a new album which will include the new songs above, and more.