Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My 2013 Fringe Festival Must-See List

This list is way too long. While I do have press accreditation so I can see as many shows as I want, I also have a day job and other responsibilities that keep me from seeing as many shows as I want. I'm aiming for 20-30, we'll see what happens in a few weeks...

I based this list on the artists involved, the show description, and/or performances at last night's Fringe-For-All. I have not yet thoroughly read through all 176 shows, so this list could change several times before the Fest begins on August 1. For more information on any of the listed shows, click on the title. And for all things Fringe, please see their website.

Here's a list of shows that I want to see, and a brief reason why (I will most likely not be able to see all of the shows listed, but this is what I'm working with as I prepare my schedule):
(NEW shows added on July 24)

In addition to the above, I have about a dozen or so maybes that I will use to fill in where needed, since I like to see a block of shows in one location rather than driving all over the city.

Repeated from last year, some tips for the Fringe newbie:

  • Buy a button and make sure you have it with you, it's required for entry to all shows.
  • If you're going to multiple shows, buy a punch pass, available in quantities of 5 or 10, or unlimited if you plan on seeing more than 20 shows. It saves you $2 per show. Once you buy a pass, you can reserve a seat at any show for $1, or just show up and present your pass (see below).
  • If a show is particularly popular, or you really really want to see it, consider buying (or reserving a seat) in advance. You can also take your chances and just show up.
  • All shows are general admission, so get there early for best choice of seating.
  • Shows typically run just under an hour, with a half hour between shows.
  • Bring snacks, water, reading material, and sunscreen (you will be waiting in line, probably outside).
  • Keep an open mind - some of what you'll see is really weird. But that can be a good thing!

Happy Fringe-ing!

*It has come to my attention that there are two J. Scrimshaws (this was just added to the Fringe shows). Turns out they're brothers. (I apologize, I'm a relative Fringe novice, this is only my 3rd year at the fest.)