Saturday, November 2, 2013

"For Sale" by The Moving Company at the Lab Theater

There's a property For Sale at 700 North 1st Street in Minneapolis. Features include: two multi-stall half-baths, 12,000 square feet of space, possible ghosts, genuine Virginia brick, one of two staircases safe for use, an intercom system (that is not as easy to use as you might think), a mail chute, an alley with a tree, and a friendly history-buff caretaker. Trusty realtor Dick Richards and his number two Margie of Dick Richards Realty (keepin' it real!) want to sell it to you! They're holding an open house several nights a week through November 24 and will be happy to walk you through the space and share some development ideas - the possibilities are endless (fitness center, nursing home, end-of-world bunker, farm-to-table restaurant, or just tear it down and build anything!). It's a steal at any price!

Such is the premise of The Moving Company's new original creation For Sale. This is a theater company whose every show I have to see. I never know what to expect (it could be sweet and lovely, or crazy and over-the-top, or a combination of the two), but I'm always entertained by what I find. For Sale falls into the crazy category; it's simply a lot of fun, and definitely unlike anything I've seen before (which is pretty much a MoCo guarantee).

who wouldn't want to buy a building from these two?
The evening is set up as described above, with the audience walked through the gorgeous space at the Lab Theater. Our guides are Dick Richards (Luverne Seifert) and Margie (Sarah Agnew). They have all sorts of things planned - a power point presentation, the pontoon of possibility, fresh-baked cookies, and musical numbers. Unfortunately things don't run as smoothly as they had planned, and we learn a little too much about Dick's personal life (hint: it's not going well). I don't want to give too much away because part of the fun is not knowing what's coming next, but I must mention a musical theater moment that is completely inexplicable, but that I absolutely loved.

This is an unconventional show, but don't be scared, it's not really interactive, you won't be asked to do anything other than walk around and point an arrow. And with the comic genius that is Luverne Seifert, and the fantastic and fully committed actor Sarah Agnew, you're in good hands. Also look for inspired appearances by Chrissy Taylor and Nathan Keepers (who also directs, and co-wrote the piece with Steve Epp).

The Lab Theater is the perfect space for this piece; I don't think it would have worked as well anywhere else. It's as bare as I've seen it, covered in plastic and with just a few items scattered around. They make great use of the space (although I was hoping to get a tour of some of the unseen parts of the building). If you've never been to the Lab before, it's worth seeing the show just to get an up close and personal look at it. If this building really were for sale and I won the lottery, I would buy it, it's a gorgeous space and I have seen much amazing theater there.

If you're looking for a fun and unconventional theatrical experience, a little wacky but highly entertaining, look no further than For Sale by The Moving Company, playing now through November 24 (and wear comfortable shoes - you will be on your feet for a good part of the show).