Tuesday, June 15, 2021

"New Voices Cabaret" at Lyric Arts

Calling all #TCTheater casting directors looking for fresh young talent: watch Lyric Arts' New Voices Cabaret. I'm not sure how or where they found them, but they've assembled a group of nine diverse and talented young performers who are ready for the stage. Hosted and directed by Reese Britts, who isn't that many years removed from being a "new voice" himself (Cherry and Spoon named him "one to watch" just two years ago), the 70-minute show is also a treat for fans of music-theater. Click here for details of how to watch it, available through June 20 only.

Reese begins the show singing "Wilkommen" from Cabaret in Lyric Arts' theater (somebody please cast him as the Emcee, stat!). A charming and amiable host, he then goes on to introduce the show and tell us what to expect, as well as occasionally popping back in between recorded numbers. But this show is mostly about the talent, and what remarkable talent there is! Each of the nine performers performs two monologues or songs (music direction by Bradley Beahen) on the Lyric Arts stage, some familiar pieces, some less so. Through the choice of pieces and the performances, each performer is able to showcase their unique talent, their unique voice. I think I've seen one or two of them on stage before, but I look forward to seeing all of them on stages around town in the near future. Now that theater is beginning to open up again, it's a great time to feature new voices, new stories, new perspectives, so that everyone can be represented on stage.

Remember these names, and watch for them on a stage near you: Mitchell Douglas, Chloe Hart, Clay Man Soo, Brendan Nelson Finn, Deryck Hak, Janely Rodriguez, Ileri Okikiolu, Lauren Hugh, and Emma Schuld. As much as I love seeing familiar faces on stage, I also love discovering new talent, which this show is all about.