Thursday, June 3, 2021

"Jennifer Grimm Sings Judy Garland" at The Belvedere at Crooners Supper Club

My third show at Crooners Supper Club's new tented outdoor venue The Belvedere (after attending opening weekend with Jamecia Bennett in April, and seeing my favorite local band Storyhill a few weeks ago) was "Jennifer Grimm Sings Judy Garland." I've seen Jennifer in a number of theater productions around town, but I hadn't yet had the pleasure of watching an entire show of her. She's a natural entertainer with a uniquely gorgeous voice, and put on a really fun night of music. This was the premiere of her Judy Garland show, and she's doing it again at Crooners on July 23, and a Christmas version at Plymouth Playhouse this holiday season, so be on the lookout for more #JennySingsJudy.

During the show, Jennifer told the story of her entry into the world. She was almost literally born on stage into a showbiz family. And not long into the show it was clearly evident that Jennifer was born to be on stage, as much as Judy was. Radiating confidence and totally owning the space, she was completely charming and entertaining, joking with the audience and the fabulous 11-piece band (which included her husband, her lover, and her handler, conveniently all the same person). And her voice - unbelievable. A self described mimic, she added that Judy Garland flair to her naturally gorgeous voice, singing many familiar songs, some of which are immediately associated with Judy, some less so. She earned her first (of several) standing ovation of the night for a playful rendition of Patsy Cline's "Crazy" in which she sang lines in the style of not just Patsy and Judy, but also Peggy, Dolly, Johnny, and Christina. Jennifer has great control over her incredible vocal instrument, paired with a natural ability to entertain and engage a roomful (or tentful) of people.

If you're looking for outdoor entertainment this summer, I highly recommend checking out the line-up at Crooners (they also have two indoor performance spaces). Here are a few other theater-adjacent shows coming up at Crooners:

I hear that Crooners is interested in producing or hosting more cabaret or revue style theater-adjacent shows, so keep it in mind and follow them to find out what's upcoming, or contact them if you're looking for a venue for your own show.

Jenny and the band
(photo credit @cherryandspoon Instagram)