Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fringe Festival 2012: Last of the Red Hot Flops

Day: 5

Show: 15

Title: Last of the Red Hot Flops

By: Deadbeats Theater

Created by: Britt Aamodt

Location: Gremlin Theatre

Summary: The Victoria Cafe Theatre in St. Paul is about to close down at the end of Prohibition, when a buyer comes into the picture. The performers and staff have to put on the show of their lives to make the sale go through.

Highlights: This is a light, fun show, if a bit loose in plot and inconclusive in the ending (did they save the theater or not?). It's over-the-top in a radio play kind of way. Alice Barry looks and sounds great as the star singer Minnie Hale, Mike Stapp provides some humorous moments as the janitor and reluctant performer Moe, and Michael Fischbein is sweet as Minnie's lovestruck soda jerk suitor. Deadbeats Theater is keeping alive a lost art, radio plays, and as a big fan of A Prairie Home Companion, I approve!

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