Monday, August 6, 2012

Fringe Festival 2012: The Unamazing Nonadventure of the Underachiever

Day: 2

Show: 8

Title: The Unamazing Nonadventure of the Underachiever

By: Greg Nesbitt

Created by: Greg Nesbitt

Location: Theatre in the Round

Summary: Two aliens land on earth to find power for their spacecraft and themselves. Here on earth, everyone has been turned into a superhero with their biggest talent being turned into their superpower (the bartender knows everyone's drink orders before they order it, the reporter knows where stories will be before they happen). The aliens feed off of ego, and when they meet a group of ego-less underachievers, they've finally met their match.

Highlights: I have to be honest - this is a weird one. It's not the type of show I would normally choose to see, but I went to see a friend of a friend. There are some funny moments, and also some perplexing moments. Laura Mahler gives an enthusiastic performance as Daddy Issues Gal, and Jo Mary as the alien Ultimate Supreme Commander is kinda fabulous in her thigh-high leather platform boots and purple spandex. If you're looking for something a little bit odd and slightly off, this might be the show for you!

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