Monday, August 6, 2012

Fringe Festival 2012: An Agony of Fools

Day: 2

Show: 6

Title: An Agony of Fools

By: Ben San Del

Written by: Ben San Del

Location: The Southern Theater

Summary: A stand-up comedy routine from the playwright of last year's Fringe favorite Minnesota Middle Finger.

Highlights: I went to see this show for something different (I don't see much stand-up, except for Louie), and because I really enjoyed Minnesota Middle Finger at last year's Fringe. Since I'm not an expert on stand-up I don't really have much to compare this to, but I found Ben to be very funny, relatable (even if I did come out on the wrong side of the morning vs. night person and cat vs. dog person jokes), and likeable. So if you're looking for a few good laughs, this show is a good choice. And for me, that's what the Fringe is for - seeing some things you don't normally see.

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