Friday, August 10, 2012

Fringe Festival 2012: A Comedy of Edits

Day: 3

Show: 10

Title: A Comedy of Edits

By: Callahan and Lingo

Written by: Allegra Lingo

Location: Rarig Arena

Summary: In a sort of play-within-a-play, what starts off as two writers in a storytelling competition becomes the performance of one writer's play about the process of writing. She's suffering from writer's block, and through a discussion/debate with her friend, is able to find her voice again.

Highlights: A lot of Fringe shows are sort of low-brow, silly humor (not that there's anything wrong with that), but this is not one of those shows. It's refreshingly intelligent and will keep your mind spinning as you try to keep up with the debate. Allegra is a Fringe regular, but this is my first time seeing her work. She's a wonderful writer, and Taylor ably and adorably shares those words with the audience as he spars with her.

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