Saturday, August 5, 2023

Minnesota Fringe Festival 2023: "Let Me Say This About That"


Show: 6


By: Imaginary Podcast Network

Created by: Raffi Jarvis, Heather Meyer, and Danna Sheridan

Location: Rarig Xperimental

Summary: A trio of improvised podcasts based on audience prompts, complete with those ubiquitous podcast ads.

Highlights: Fresh from the Tuscon Fringe Festival, where they won a couple of awards, local funny women Heather Meyer and Danna Sheridan host a podcast! Because everyone has a podcast now (including me - listen to Twin Cities Theater Chat here or on your favorite podcast platform). The three podcasts at the show I saw it were a witchy podcast, a sciencey one, and one about sexy history, natch. Self-described "tech boy" Raffi Jarvis plays the producer, who also takes part in the shows, sometimes as an experienced producer telling the newbie podcasters what to do, sometimes as an intern being bossed around by the podcasters. Heather and Danna play said podcasters, donning different names and personalities, riffing off each other and audience questions. It's a whole lot of fun and silliness, spoofing the podcasts that we all listen to obsessively (no? just me?).