Friday, August 4, 2023

Minnesota Fringe Festival 2023: "The Very Model of a Modern Monster Scientist"


Show: 3


By: Mermaid Productions

Created by: Reverend Matt's Monster Science

Location: Augsburg Studio

Summary: One of the top ten monster comedians in South Minneapolis, Reverend Matt steps out from behind the podium to interact with a human - his new assistant.

Highlights: If you've seen Reverend Matt (aka Matthew Kessen), you're familiar with his unique brand of comedy, pop culture, literature, mythology, and power point. Typically he deep dives into a specific monster (which he is doing in his other show Monster Science's Greatest Hits), but for this show, he speaks from his podium (or music stand) about various topics, including monsters at work. This is a transition to hiring someone to work with him at the "Monster Science Institute," and he steps out from behind the podium to interview a new science assistant (played by Elora Riley, and don't worry, she gets a promotion). Elora brings a new freshness to the usual Rev Matt schtick (which is still great), and their boss-employee interplay is charming and funny. We still get some power point presentations, and we also get to see the two monster scientists in the field, searching for monsters, doing experiments, and just generally nerding out about monster stuff. Monster Science is always a sure thing great show, and this version amps it up. But be forewarned: the first show, on the first night of the festival, sold out the small Augsburg studio space, so you might want to buy/reserve in advance.