Sunday, August 6, 2023

Minnesota Fringe Festival 2023: "CHRIS DAVIS DOES STUFF"


Show: 10


By: Chrisdavisdoesstuff

Created by: Chris Davis

Location: Strike Theater

Summary: A solo comedy storytelling show that's both personal and political.

Highlights: Fringe favorite Sam Landman convinced his friend Chris Davis of Birmingham Alabama to make the trek to Minnesota to do his show. Sam's word is good enough for me, and he does not lead us astray here. Chris is doing not one but two shows during the run of the Fringe. I caught Just Black Enough, which he's doing in the first three slots. The only thing I didn't like about his show is that it was too short, coming in 20 minutes short of the one-hour limit. He's funny and personable, talking about growing up being told that he doesn't sound Black or act Black, and then proceeding to explore, in a disarming way, what that means. Aided by signs that he flips through, from "Semantics make things taste better," to "We made a Graves mistake," to "Book make me sad," he talks about issues of the day in a relatable and funny way. His second show Seriously, I'm Not Gay, which he's doing in the final two slots, is sure to do the same thing, this time taking on issues around identity. Chris is a stand-up comic, and this show feels very much like a funny and relevant stand-up comedy routine.