Friday, August 4, 2023

Minnesota Fringe Festival 2023: "The Resilient Child"

Day: 1

Show: 2


By: Fortune's Fool Theatre

Created by: Ariel Pinkerton

Location: Augsburg Mainstage 

Summary: Storytelling about resiliency, childhood, and parent/child relationships from four adults and three children.

Highlights: Ariel Pinkerton is a veteran Fringe storyteller, frequently sharing stories from her life and travels in solo shows. This time she brings along her daugher Fiona, her "fellow" Aaron Henderson and his children Toad and Eli, and grown-up #TCTheater artists Denzel Belin and Katie Starks. Each one of them tells a story of resiliency from their life - growing up in a bubble, the death of a beloved pet, a difficult or rewarding relationship with a parent, or rolling with the changes of life. The kids are brave and vulnerable and sweet, the adults funny or poignant or both. The stories are tied together with songs (accompanied by Aaron on steel guitar) that are appropriate to the topic, like "If Only You Would Listen" from the musical School of Rock and "Parents are People" from the album Free to Be... You and Me. The show is an interesting twist on the Fringe staple storytelling show, sweet and heart-warming and engaging, from experienced artists and young stars in the making. As Ariel says in her concluding piece, maybe kids are the strong ones.