Saturday, August 22, 2020

"Roseville in Bloom" Art Display in Roseville

Since there's not a whole lot of #TCTheater going on during this seemingly never-ending pandemic, I'm trying to find art in other places. Fortunately the city of Roseville has made that easy to do with their "Roseville in Bloom" campaign - 20 statues of 6-foot tall roses beautifully painted by local artists scattered around the Northeast suburb. While I've never lived in Roseville, I've lived adjacent to Roseville for 24 years, so I'm pretty familiar with the neighborhoods. This past weekend, on my way home from attending a play for the first time in six months (MJTC's wonderful 25 Questions for a Jewish Mother) I found 9 of the roses. I went out on my bike another day to visit 6 more, and saw the final 5 today (via car). I don't know if this was planned pre- or post- pandemic, but either way it's a fantastic safe activity to do right now; a fun way to experience art outdoors and appropriately distanced. Take the map, your GPS or Google Maps, sunscreen, and go find some art! (You can find more details, as well as deals at Roseville businesses, on their website.)

Here are all of my 20 rose photos. But photos could never do this art justice. They're so detailed, and the colors are so brilliant in the sun. Go see some for yourself, and don't forget to look at the back, which is sometimes more interesting than the front!

1. "Discover"
by Adam Turman
2. "Petals on the Runway"
by Christopher Straub

3. "Paper Rose"
by Kristi Abbott
4. "Color & Culture"
by Shakun Maheshwari

5. "La Glace Rose"
by Bailey Quam
6. "Painting the Roses Red"
by Kimberly McCracken

7. "Hmong Story Cloth"
by Kao Lee Thao
8. "InSPIREd by Minnesota"
by Tivoli Too

9. "Aurora Borealis"
by Aimee Fierke
10. "Minnesota Helpers "
by Donna Post

11. "Goodie"
by Thomas Toebe
12. "Spirit of Hospitality"
by Tivoli Too

13. "The Value of Education"
by Cora Hays
14. "Flower Power"
by Wendy McCarty

15. "Busy as a Bee"
by Jim Defeo
16. "Blossoming Tesserae"
by Daniela Bianchini

17. "Harmony in Nature"
by Jill Osiecki
18. "Bloom"
by Erin Ward

19. "Rosewood"
by Lili Payne
20. "What Brings You Joy?"
by Lydia Anderson