Sunday, August 9, 2020

Minnesota Fringe Festival 2020: "i'm not playing"

Location: Digital Hub (available anytime)

Length: 25 minutes

Title: i'm not playing


Summary: A break-up causes drama among roommates, scene from a variety of viewpoints.

Highlights: What a clever and unique concept, and really well executed! The play can be viewed from five different rooms in the apartment (living room, two bedrooms, the bathroom, and the perspective of a White Claw). The viewer can switch back and forth between rooms at any point. Now, I'm a linear person who needs to watch every episode of a TV show in order, but I was still able to have fun with this. You could sort of follow where the action is going, and if you feel like you've missed something you can rewind a bit in that room and catch up. The plot is fairly simple - Jess breaks up with Jeremy and tells him he needs to move out of the apartment. Meanwhile roommate Caitlyn is applying for lots of jobs from the bathroom, and roommate Dev is secretly in love with Jess. It all blows up in a game of Sorry. Without the multiple viewpoints this would be an amusing little play, but with the multiple viewpoints it's a really fun and interesting experiment in online theater.

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