Thursday, September 7, 2017

Sneak Peek of "The Abominables" at Children's Theatre Company

Last week, I had the opportunity to tour the Children's Theatre Company in South Minneapolis, where they were busy getting everything ready for the world premiere of the new original musical The Abominables. Developed and produced in association with the NYC-based theater company The Civilians, The Abominables tells the story of a youth hockey team. In other words, it's a very Minnesotan musical! The creators (including playwright/director Steve Cosson and composer/lyricist Michael Friedman) researched and workshopped the piece right here in Minnesota, so it's sure to feel familiar to many audience members.

This is perhaps heretical of me to say as a born and raised Minnesotan, but I don't care for hockey (especially when a game at the Xcel causes traffic and parking issues that get in the way of my St. Paul theater plans). But what I do love, more than just about anything else in the world, is new original musicals. CTC has a fantastic record of developing new work, and are in fact committed to it, typically producing at least two new works (developed especially for young people) each season. From what I saw and heard about The Abominables, it's going to be fantastic! The stage of the theater has been turned into a hockey rink, and much of the youth cast is on roller blades for much of the show. This show not only features Joe Chvala's always exciting choreography, but it's on skates! Combine that with an always heartwarming tale of the hometown underdogs, plus a little Yeti magic, and it sounds like a recipe for a great show.

Previews for The Abominables begin on September 12, with the official opening on September 15 and performances continuing through October 15. Scroll down to watch a rehearsal video and see a bunch of photos from the costume, props, and scenic shops. Then click here to order your tickets and receive an exclusive deal for $10 off the ticket price!



the hockey rink

beautiful "wood" made of plastic & styrofoam


making a brick fireplace

making an igloo

Props Director Sue Brockman with a magic wand

the trophy!


Costume Director Deb Shippee with the Yeti
the Yeti Princess