Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Minnesota Fringe Festival 2020: "3 Way Lovve"

Location: Digital Hub Live (5 and 8pm, August 4-6)

Length: 1 hour 50 minutes

Title: 3 Way Lovve

By: Maatology Productions

Summary: The story of a man, his art, and his three lovers, inspired by the life of the artist Basquait.

Highlights: The first showing of this was live; now it's available to watch at specific times each day. The creators introduce the piece live, and then play the recording. Despite a few technical difficulties (the audio was a few seconds off from the video, and it froze at one point), it's an intriguing and ambitious play. The cast all give committed performances (Chenzo Samuels, Katt Balsan, Leanne-Joshua White, Micah Bijon, and Mike Billips), despite all being in separate locations. The artist William (aka Love Spear, aka Keep On) is not a very likable person and his relationships with his wife, mistress, and male lover/benefactor all come to disastrous ends (spoiler alert!). The show felt a little long, maybe because I'm used to Fringe shows being 60 minutes or less (I do wish the Fringe had kept their usual time limit for this Virtual Fringe), and also the lengthy scene transitions, while a great use of music, slow down the momentum. But all in all it's an interesting exploration of the nature of the artist and art. I had never heard of Basquait, but now I'm interested to learn more about him (perhaps by watching this movie).

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