Saturday, August 1, 2020

Minnesota Fringe Festival 2020: "Trudy Carmichael Presents The Improvised One-Woman Show!"

Location: Digital Hub Live (next performance: August 9, 5pm)

Length: 35 minutes

Title: Trudy Carmichael Presents The Improvised One-Woman Show!

By: TruSongstress Productions

Summary: Live musical improv based on audience suggestions.

Highlights: Coming to you live from her stylish Las Vegas living room, Trudy Carmichael (aka Robin Rothman) is a gifted musical improviser, which is one of the most impressive skills. Based on an audience suggestion (via Facebook Live), the title of the show I saw was Jeremiah the Amateur Coroner. She improvised a half dozen or so songs around that very strange theme, accompanied by Frakie (Spitznagel) Keys on keys. Between songs she chatted, musing on the difference between coroners and morticians, and interacting with the comments. It's a fun show, and I might tune in again on the last day of the festival for an all new show!

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