Saturday, August 8, 2020

Minnesota Fringe Festival 2020: "Love and Other Lures"

Location: Digital Hub (available anytime)

Length: 44 minutes

Title: Love and Other Lures

By: Dr. Dour & Peach

Summary: A funny and quirky musical show featuring the dour Dr. Dour (pronounced do-er) and the naive Peach.

Highlights: The show begins when Peach (Rachel Spicknall Mulford) takes the audience out of a box and she and Dr. Doer (Toby Mulford) greets us and show us around their living room. From there it's songs, stories, and silly diversions. With bright costumes, clever edits, puppets, a little man in the wall, and multiple stringed instruments, they entertain the audience as they sing songs about love monsters. Songs about people being lured into danger by love or sirens or some such thing, which eventually even the two of them fall prey to. There's a fun dynamic between the two and the original songs are great. You can also watch their web series.

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