Friday, August 13, 2021

Minnesota Fringe Festival 2021: "Impulse"

Day: 6

Show: 15

Performance Type: In Person

Location: Southern Theater (indoors, masks required)

Length: 45 minutes

Title: Impulse

By: Manifest Dance

Summary: Three new original dance pieces performed by a talented company of dancers.

Highlights: One of my favorite things about Fringe is that it gives me an opportunity to see dance, which as a busy theater blogger in the before times I rarely had time to do. This is the only in person dance show at this year's Fringe, and if this is an indication of the #TCDance community, they're coming out of this pandemic really strong and ready to create beautiful meaningful work. Creator and choreographer Sam Lewis performs a gorgeous solo piece sandwiched between two group dances, which are also performed and co-choreographed by Isaiah Langowski, Sam Meryhew, Joe Tennis, and Vivian Wolkoff. The choreography is modern, unique, evocative, and beautiful to watch. The dancers are so graceful and specific in their intentional movements, and I love the way they use the space at the Southern Theater, perhaps the best dance venue in town. Unfortunately there's only one performance remaining, and if you don't already have a ticket for tonight's show, you're out of luck. I'll leave you with their description of the show: "After being cooped up for over a year we are ready to come out swinging. This show is our screams, our cries, and our celebration. For ourselves, for lives lost, for lives begun. 2020 was perspective."

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