Monday, August 7, 2017

Fringe Festival 2017: "Sevlin & Devlin Presents: Seven Evans in Heaven"

Day: 4

Show: 18

Category: Comedy

By: Ferrari McSpeedy Theatrical Productions

Created by: Ferrari McSpeedy Theatrical Productions

Location: Ritz Theater Studio

Summary: A delightfully silly tale about two sisters named Evan who die, one going to heaven and one going to unheaven.

Highlights: On paper the story doesn't sound like much - two happy and close sisters die one day, one ending up in heaven and one in hell, and the one in heaven has to go get the one from hell and bring her back. Where does that even come from?! But when brought to life by the Ferrari McSpeedy gang (Anna Hickey, Erin Sheppard, Joe Bozic, John Gebretatose, Mike Fotis, Rita Boersma, Ryan Lear, and director Jason Ballweber), it's pure delight. A bunch of silly gags, fake fights with invisible weapons, cute little songs (with Ryan on ukulele), and puppets are just some of the fun elements that fill out the tale. It almost feels like some of the show is improvised but it's hard to tell, and some of the most fun moments are when the cast crack each other up. Last night's show sold out the tiny Ritz Studio space, so you'll want to make reservations in advance to see this expert exercise in comedy.

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