Saturday, August 3, 2019

Minnesota Fringe Festival 2019: "How To Come Back From The Dead"

Day: 2

Show: 7

Title: How To Come Back From The Dead


By: Monster Science Productions

Created by: Reverend Matt's Monster Science

Location: Mixed Blood Theatre

Summary: Reverend Matt educates and entertains about zombies, vampires, ghosts, and other ways history, mythology, and stories have told us we can come back from the dead.

Highlights: Reverend Matt (aka Matthew Kessen) performs regularly around town (at the Phoenix, your local library, and elsewhere), so if you've seen him, you know the drill. It's basically the same format, but with a new topic every time, and this year he added an assistant (Elora Riley), like the sidekick of a late night talk show. Rev. Matt's lessons are always funny, clever, nerdy, and take a deep dive into the subject at hand, accompanied by power point of related images. This year we learned all about vampires (sadly, no photos of my favorite vampire Alexander Skarsgard, but that's what Google is for) and zombies. Beginning with mythology from various cultures around the world and continuing through modern pop culture, we see how the legend has grown and the different forms it takes. Rev. Matt's droll delivery of his thoroughly researched and well organized lecture is always a fun, nerdy, nostalgic good time.

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