Sunday, August 14, 2016

Fringe Festival 2016: "Hazard"

Day: 10

Show: 44

Title: Hazard

Category: Drama

By: Presence

Written by: Megan Burns

Location: Strike Theater

Summary: A young woman living in the mountains of Kentucky is kicked out of her home and must make a new life for herself on her own.

Highlights: Local actor/playwright Megan Burns has written a really beautiful play, with sharply drawn characters, a place so specific it feels like you're there, and a full and complete story. U of M/Guthrie BFA student Sophina Saggau gives a fantastic performance as Dottie, strong and spirited and natural. Also excellent are Katherine Kupiecki as fellow outcast Dana, and Bowen Cochran as a couple of men who come into the women's life. But this is really Dottie's story, as she speaks it plainly to the audience, seamlessly blended with scenes with other characters. A couple of tough women trying to make it on their own in a tough environment, almost outside of time and place. Really well done, intense, and a bit depressing, with a massive set by Fringe standards that includes a front porch, work bench, and several chairs (set design by Katie McCarthey). Hazard is another show that wasn't originally on my schedule that I added based on what I was hearing, and I'm glad I did.