Saturday, August 13, 2016

Fringe Festival 2016: "An Accidental Organist"

Day: 9

Show: 38

Category: Something Different

By: David Boyle

Written by: David Boyle

Location: Ritz Theater Studio

Summary: A solo storytelling show about faith, family, community, and the wonderful accidentals of life.

Highlights: In music, an accidental takes you someplace you didn't expect to go, but you're really glad you went there. That's exactly what this show was for me. It wasn't on my original schedule, but I heard a few people mention it so decided to shift some things around so I could see it. I wasn't expecting to go there, but I'm really glad I did. Chicagoan David Boyle is a wonderful storyteller, and since his job as a church organist and choir director means he attends many weddings and funerals, he has a lot of stories. Stories like a little girl in glasses spontaneously dancing at a wedding, or an old man who died shoveling snow for his neighbors. David's New Year's resolution a few years was to expect nothing, and then be grateful for what happens. It's a perfect attitude for Fringe, and for life in general. I was raised Catholic so the stories and songs from the Catholic tradition felt familiar to me, but whatever your tradition, these well-told stories will move you, tickle your funny bone, and make you wonder at the accidentals of this thing called life.