Monday, August 15, 2016

Fringe Festival 2016: "Fruit Flies Like a Banana: Alphabetical Disorder"

Day: 11

Show: 52

Category: Something Different

Created by: The Fourth Wall

Location: U of M Rarig Center Thrust

Summary: Three classically trained musicians perform short pieces corresponding to the letters of the alphabet, incorporating dance and movement. 

Highlights: The Fringe festival is a great place to see something you've never seen before. And I've never seen anyone do what Boston's Hilary Abigana, C. Neil Parsons, and Greg Jukes, aka The Fourth Wall, do. Other than last year, when I first saw their show Fruit Flies Like a Banana. They're back this year with some new pieces and a new order - audience members randomly shout out letters corresponding to the different pieces. But no matter how many times I see them do what they do, I'm still amazed and delighted by it and wonder - how did they ever think of doing this? Not only do they play classical and popular music selections on flute, bass trombone, and percussion (a unique combination of instruments), but they also incorporate movement (and other weird instruments like a toy piano and boomwhackers). Hanging upside down, twirling around, lifting each other up in the air, or pulling each other around on chairs or the wheeled vibraphone, they entertain the crowd young and old with their unique antics. This trio is fun and playful with the crowd, and as traveling artists it's wonderful to see them be so involved in and supportive of other artists, encouraging every artist in the audience to plug their show as one of the acts in the show, not just tacked on at the end. If they're back next year (and I hope they are) go see people do something you've never seen anyone do before.