Saturday, August 8, 2015

Fringe Festival 2015: "Fruit Flies Like a Banana"

Day: 7

Show: 30

Category: Something Different

Created by: The Fourth Wall

Location: Minneapolis Theatre Garage

Summary: Three classically trained musicians perform 22 pieces that involve music, comedy, and movement, in random order.

Highlights: Have you ever watched three people tango while playing instruments? Or heard Mozart performed with plastic tubes? I have (and you can too if you can get tickets to their final show tonight). Out-of-towners Hilary Abigana (flute), C. Neil Parsons (Trobone), and Greg Jukes (vibraphone and other percussive instruments) are so clever and innovative in addition to being musically talented. As if performing 22 short pieces in an hour (with time visibly ticking down) isn't hard enough, they let the audience choose the order by picking cards with names like "Toy Piano Man," "How Not to Bow," and "Ginger Minus Fred." Most pieces feature music by classical composers arranged for new instruments and performed with some sort of movement. Most impressive is Hilary, with the core strength and breath control that allows her to play the flute while flying like superman, jumping rope, and hanging upside down. This show is so playful, fast, and fun, you might not realize you're also getting an education about classical composers. In this totally unique Fringe experience, time flies like an arrow, but fruit flies like a banana. Look what people can do!