Monday, August 11, 2014

Fringe Festival: "Hi! Hello! Namaste?"

Day: 9

Show: 37 (and final)

Category: Dance

By: Bollywood Dance Scene - Twin Cities

Created by: Bollywood Dance Scene - Twin Cities

Location: Rarig Center Proscenium

Summary: Raagini, a teenager from Minnesota, travels to India for her cousin's wedding, and discovers that she may take after her dancer mother more than her doctor father.

Highlights: One of the highest-selling shows of the Fringe, this is a fun feel-good show. The plot is cliche and predictable, but what matters is the dancing, and that is joyously Bollywood. There's a huge cast of dancers from young to old, and they're having a great time, as is the audience (as evidenced by the frequent cheers and calling out of names). Highlights include: Raagini's lovely and poignant soul-searching solo dance (danced beautifully by Jeeta Misra), Vikramjeet Singh as the comic relief Bunty, Himanshu Agrawal as Raagini's charming friend (both of whom can dance too!), and all of the group dance numbers. This is not the type of thing or people that I often see on a theater stage, so I very much appreciated the opportunity to experience it. And it was the perfect way to say Namaste to the Fringe fest and everyone involved. Until next year!